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When a girl takes care of the house

Lately, my husband had to work overtime every day, and he works even on the weekends.

There is some problem with this situation, but I know that he do this to advance in his career and to let me buy whatever I want.

Unfortunately, it is a little bit problematic for me. I love my dear husband more than anything in this (cruel) world, but I can’t do everything alone. Or at least I couldn’t until now.

In the past month, I learned how to choose the appropriate lightbulb, how to move heavy things efficiently and easily. Furthermore, I learned how to open a jar without brute force.

With this knowledge, I gathered, I thought that I’m ready to face any challenge alone until my husband finishes this session in his life.

And it seems that I was really ready for everything.

A week ago our boiler broke down and we agreed that we should not buy a new one, but instead a tankless water heater. Of course, my husband had no time to find the most suitable for our house, so I had to do this. Fortunately, with my shallow IT knowledge I could find the perfect website for occasions like this. It is called Prime Heaters and you can get there by clicking the link. A webpage full of useful information, reviews, comparisons, comments and helpful members. With these, I could identify the best tankless water heater for a family house. I ordered it, and they delivered it within a day.

With the description, they included, I was able to install this device (without any help!). I was so proud of myself!

When my husband arrived that night, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He never thoughts that I’ll ever be able to do things like that. After that amazement, he told me that he got the promotion he aimed for and therefore he doesn’t need to work overtime in the foreseeable future.

These two things on the same day…I was happier than ever. Maybe now we’ll have time for each other!